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A tummy tuck Chicago procedure removes fat and loose skin from the midriff. The procedure typically improves the tone of the abdominal muscles to create a firmer stomach.  The firmer base is the foundation for the shape of the abdomen. When the skin is pulled over this foundation and the excess removed, a more trim and attractive appearance ensues.

Tummy tucks are a rewarding option when exercise and diet did not deliver the desired result. Many women, after they have completed their family, elect to have their breasts enhanced or have some part of their body suctioned combined with an abdominoplasty. This is commonly referred to as a “Mommy Makeover.” 

Cosmetic procedures are important moments in anyone’s life; however, for many a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is different. It is different because it ushers a new phase in the life of those considering the procedure. It gives a feeling of empowerment due to the fact that the stretched body can be toned back, the waist re-established, and the flabby skin removed, resulting in a more confident person. Some Chicago tummy tucks patients have concerns, but when performed by a trained and board-certified Chicago plastic surgeon like Dr. Makhlouf, the experience is safe and rewarding.

What is your Esthetic goal?

Let us first define our esthetic goals: taught skin, stretch marks minimal, bulge gone forever, and hourglass appearance Chicago tummy tuck surgeon, Dr Makhloufreturned with minimum visibility of the scars. There are esthetic goals for the umbilicus (belly button) as well: the belly button should lie in a small area of skin depression, it has a small hood superiorly (some women use it to place jewelry), and should be devoid of scar in its inferior aspect. Dr. Makhlouf has designed the perfect answer for that, and has presented it to his colleagues back in 2004. For many, the ability to wear a two piece bathing suit is the hallmark of a successful abdominoplasty.

Where do you want the incision?

One of the big concerns Dr. Makhlouf and his patients have is the position of the scar. Dr. Makhlouf asks the patient to wear the underwear design they like so that the scar placement can be planned appropriately and hidden by the chosen garment.

Many published results show a scar far too high on the abdominal wall. In placing the scar high, not only does it restrict the clothing that can be worn, but the pubic hairline is pulled upward in an un-esthetic way. By placing the lower incision within the hairline and removing some of the hair bearing skin, should any tension be present during skin closure, and hairline elevation to occur, the upper part of the pubic hair will return it to its normal position and not any higher. The final scar hidden by the underwear or bathing suit.  

Do you need your abdominal wall tightened?

Many (particularly those refusing to consider its benefits) object to the procedure by saying that exercise should take care of the problem, but the laxity of the abdominal muscles, is frequently the result of separation of the recti muscles (responsible for the 6 pack look) in the midline and no amount of exercise can correct this anatomic change. This muscle separation is frequently the unfortunate byproduct of pregnancy.

During the procedure, the muscle laxity is addressed and the abdominal wall tightened. Dr. Makhlouf uses special sutures that will repair the weakness of the supporting structure of the muscles (both in the horizontal and the vertical direction). Two layers of these independently placed sutures (30 or more)  will ensure that even if cough or pull was to occur in the post-operative period, there are enough sutures supporting the repair to maintain the result achieved during surgery. A last layer of continuous suture ensures an even tension of the repair and covers the knots of the two previous rows of sutures. It is important to use suture technique that tightens the abdominal in both directions because when the stretching occurs it did so both in the vertical and horizontal direction.

Dr Makhlouf is a tummy tuck Chicago surgeon with over 25 years experienceWhat happens to the excess skin during a tummy tuck Chicago surgery?

After the incision is made in the pubic area, the skin is separated from the muscles underneath. The dissection will proceed upward towards the chest, past the umbilicus all the way to the lower sternum.

After the muscle laxity is corrected, the skin that was separated from the muscles is pulled down and the excess removed. The lower skin incision is at the level of the pubic hairline, the upper incision is at the level of the umbilicus. Every effort is made to remove all the skin from just above the belly button down to the hairline. 

As the upper skin flap is brought down to close the abdomen, the belly button is temporarily covered. Once skin tension is set, the location of the umbilicus on the skin flap is marked and the belly button (still attached on its stalk like a flower) is brought out to the surface.

Dr. Makhlouf has long ago presented his special technique for the umbilicus at a plastic surgery meeting in Tucson Arizona (2004) and an almost identical technique was published in the Esthetic Surgery Journal (January 2012).   

For questions about the tummy tuck procedure, please visit Dr. Makhlouf's FAQ page here. Dr. Makhlouf updates this Chicago tummy tuck website often, so please keep checking back! For a list of additional procedures, please visit Enhanced Form.

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